Our History

Our beginnings

It was 1990 when Giulia’s family decided to visit Javea for the first time, recommended by the good words they heard from the many Italians who used to come to enjoy this paradisiacal place. Carlo and Carmen fell in love with this wonderful town on the Costa Blanca and began to come for a couple of years every time they could escape. One fine day, and almost without having to think about it much, they decided that it was in Javea where they wanted to spend the rest of their days and raise their little daughter Giulia. A small coffee shop in the center of town would change the lives of this family, who had never worked in the hotel business, forever.

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A new concept

Giulia restaurant has always been an undisputed benchmark when it comes to enjoying delicious homemade pasta or the wonderful pizzas lovingly prepared by the talented “mamma Carmen”. Its reputation has been hard earned over the years, captivating local and visiting diners alike with its authenticity and exceptional flavors.

However, to fully understand Giulia’s greatness, it is essential to go back to 2011, when the story of this magical place began to take shape. After living and learning abroad for several years, Giulia made the courageous decision to return home, imbued with a renewed passion for Italian gastronomy.